Do Motivational Posters actually Increase Productivity at Office ?

In lot of corporate offices, you see lot of these motivational posters. They seem to give of this unique “startup” vibe. They’re intended to inspired employees and increase their productivity. I don’t know about your office, but we have a shit load of these posters at our office.

From Elon musk to Steve Jobs, we’ve got them all.

Some of these posters all purely motivational, they have insipirational quotes, while some are pieces of art that increase the overall vibe of the place. Sometimes I wonder, do everyone notice these motivational messages ?

What Do Expert Say

According to Dean Burnett, an author, and a neuroscientist, it’s impossible to figure out if and when motivational posters can be most useful. Thereby, in order to solve this, only solution is placing them everywhere possible. But, in this case, too many posters would there and usually “overjustification” kills motivation.

Burnett also went ahead to use psychological theory in order to disucssion motivation further. He stated that if employees feel autonomous and indepedent at workspace, they will feel better and always motivated to work more. He also mentioned that ‘The overjustification effect suggests that if you reward people for something they already like doing, they’ll actually lose the motivation for doing it.’

He implies that if you are throwing tons and tons of motivational boosts, even in form of these posters, it can leave the employee feeling as if they’re being micromanaged. When you let them be autonomous, they’ll do mistake, find them on their own, and will end up creating ways that boost their productivity on their own.

Employees are all motivated differently

If you want more productivity and motivation across office, you should go with a more individual approach. A good way of doing this could asking your employees what makes them feel more pumped. You can do this by sending them a sort of questionnaire or a kind email. This will also tell them that you’re interested in knowing them better and are willing to provide a healthy working environment.

You will be shocked with the number of methods that you can’ll get to boost the productivity in your workspace.

You can even tell them that they can bring items that make them feel productive or inspire them to work. Another idea would be to ask them create motivatioal poster using canva and get them printed out. It can be like sort of a team building exercise. You’d be encouraging the teams to equip your business with tools that create a better working environment.

If you decide to make use of motivational posters that are already there, find the ones that reflect your agency in a better way. A good idea would be to use your own branding on those posters. People also use posters that reflect the values of the company which boosts the confidence of the people at the agency even more than motivational posters.

Art may be motivational in itself

A survey conducted between employees revealed that workplace art gives an important feeling of productivity and well being.

82% employes told that art at work was important to make it better work environment.

73% employees that they’ll charge the view for the company if the aart is removed later on.

82 and 73 both are big numbers. Which means that posters do account for some amount of motivation at the workplace.

Maybe these posters work in the same way those landscape paintings work when we see them.

Conclusion : It’s safe to say that motivational posters are all about taste and personal preference. But, they certainly increase the overall productivity and mood of the environment.

Updated: June 26, 2019 — 5:50 pm

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