Smart Ways to Make Yourself Irreplaceable at Work

Do you want to be the smartest person in your workspace?

One of the key elements of a strong worker is that he’s irreplaceable ( which isn’t a very easy thing to accomplish ). There are tons and tons of people if you don’t get the job done, someone else will.

You can always be replaced, don’t be in a bubble because your HR and manager talk sweet.

It’s natural if you want to put yourself in a position that you’re irreplaceable. In this article, I’ll cover just that.

1. Don’t be that “know-it-all” guy

No matter how much you think you’re the equivalent of Elon Musk, don’t go on a purge to prove it. People always want to work with intelligent coworkers, but no wants to even be around a know-it-all.

This can be especially devastating if your boss isn’t a fan of other people’s know-it-all attitude.

Showcase your knowledge by offering assistance to co-workers, and an inner working of your company. But, never flaunt your intelligence or abilities. No one wants to look stupid, and the know-it-all makes them look just that.

2. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome ( Learn )

A lot of companies offer incentivized learning programs to further increase their employee’s value and loyalty. Check if your office offers any such classes, if yes, enroll immediately.

This will help you in multiple ways, it helps you strengthen your skill set, stay updated about the latest working methods in your industry, and your efforts are always being noticed by the boss.

You will always be in a position to switch to a new technology ensuring that your skills never run out of need.

3. Knowledge > Smartness

There’s a big difference in being knowledgeable and being smart.

If you know a lot about one particular topic, you can sound like a smart ass. But that doesn’t always help in the workspace. If you can quote Shakespeare, you’ll be perceived as smart and educated, but this won’t help you look smart in a real estate job.

Learn about the inner working of your office. The more you learn about what your company does, you’ll be able to tweak yourself to that particular task. Improve your speed and efficiency. Focus on one task at a time and ensure that you don’t slack off.

4. Be a Social Butterfly

A lot of people leave their job/ lose their job because they’re unable to get along with their fellow workers.

Now, the key is to be sociable, not a social butterfly all the time. The company has kept you on a payroll to work, not to gossip about something/ someone.

Another thing you should keep in head is avoiding office politics. Smart employees know how to get along with different personality types.

You need to focus on a single person – yourself!

Take time to learn about others. Always be ready to help your coworkers if they get stuck in a program. It’s also a good idea to treat your coworkers with gifts on their birthdays or on gift giving. I published an article listing the best gifts for office that you can benefit from.

5. Learn the Lingo

A lot of industries have a particular language which is unique to that industry. If you learn that lingo, it becomes easy for you to break into that career. If you don’t know how to speak in that tone/language, you won’t be able to exchange ideas. It can often lead to serious mistakes.

Invest some time in learning the language and communicating with your clients and coworkers. Over the time, you’ll come as someone people can rely on, which is something that helps greatly in future.

6. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Keep one thing in the head, no matter how many times it requires, you’re not going to engage in office politics to be in the group or for the fun. You’re in the office for fulfilling your job and succeeding in the career. When you’re under influence of emotions, you’re more likely to make decisions that you regret later.

Manipulating, backstabbing, gossiping, you don’t need these to succeed in office politics.

Focus on the office goal and develop a unique approach to deal with/avoid your office’s politics.

7. Don’t make Rivals

It’s common for anyone to fall in a situation where two other co-workers are in a debate.

In such situations, it’s very easy to tell each of them what they’d like to hear.

However, lies and fake allegiances are *ALWAYS* revealed in the long run. If that happens, neither of the two people will be on your side, nor will they trust you.

If you get caught in such situations try to change the path of where it is headed by focusing on “What can I do to help in improving the situation right now ?”


Hope this article will help you become a better employee over the time.

Have you got your own set of hacks to get your way around in the office ?

If Yes, Share them in the comments below.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 5:37 pm

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