Ultimate List of Best & Cheapest 3D Printers to Buy in 2019

If you go back a couple of years, 3D printers cost more than 100k. Things have certainly changed a lot now. You can get cheapest 3d printer under the price ranges of $500, $300, and some even under $200.

Every 3D printer has one thing in common, it either comes pre-assembled i.e works right out of the box. There are printers that you can assemble on your own, but, it’s just easy to get a device that is ready to work from the get-go.

If you are in a hurry, here are our staff picks for the best 3d printers under affordable price ranges.

Best 3D Printer under $200

Best 3D Printer under $300

Best 3D Printer under $500

Best 3D Printer under $1000

Best & Cheapest 3D Printers to Buy in 2019

1. Creality CR-10

Standing in a market that is full of the cheap 3d printer with sort of limited build sizes, you get the creality cr-10, that stands out from the crowd. It’s a very robust 3d printer that comes with an enormous build volume that makes it compete with some high-end printers that cost three times as much as the creality cr 10.

If you’re looking for a cheap 3d printer but don’t want to compromise with the size limits, this is the printer that should be on the top of your list.

The company markets it as a DIY 3d printer which can be a con for people who are beginning with 3d printing. But, the assembly isn’t’ as bad as you’d expect it to be. It’s extremely easy to put together and make it work as compared to some other DIY 3d printer. The printer is delivered to you half assembled, which means you don’t have to do everything from scratch. All you need to do is put the remaining parts together and you’d be good to do. The average time as mentioned by users in the reviews is an hour to assemble and get the machine working.

2. Monoprice Select Mini

Since they have a “price” in the name itself, I was hoping for pricing to be affordable, and it did. It’s an extremely cheap 3d printer which costs around $200 or less if you manage to spot it during online discounts like black Friday. But, unlike most of the printers in the price range, this printer produces extremely excellent results. Because of its ability to produce extremely good products at the cheap price range, it stands out among the best cheap 3d printers on Amazon.

It comes in a completely assembled package right out of the box, along with a small footprint and compact profile. When we talk about tinkering, it requires very minimal tinkering on the hardware, this is before it can start printing its first print. The manual printing bed calibration part is a bit time to consume if you are only beginning for 3d printing. Their print bed is heated, making it capable of working at high-temperature materials like abs.

3. Monoprice Maker Select

Monoprice’s this model is budget 3d printer based on very popular i3 design. It offers more build volume than the select mini and also has a different design. The features it brings to the table are a bit similar to a more compact kin.

It’s an openly framed 3d printer which is housed inside a sturdy frame which has an all-black finish on top to finish the look and makes it much more appealing than the other Prusa clones on the market. It also comes with its own separate control boxes. As seen on the original Prusa i3, the spool holder on this one is also placed on the top of the frame.

4. Printrbot Play 1505

There are tons of success stories on Kickstarter, and one of them is printrbot. It has a history of being one of the most funded projects in 3d printing category. Start from its launch in 2011, the agency has been successfully making high resolution yet affordable 3d printers. Their printrbot 1505 is the cheapest in the affordable 3d printer lineup.

5. M3D Micro+

This product from m3d is a sort of improvement from the micro version and accounts as one of the most notable 3d printers that have its roots from Kickstarter. The model offers the same minimalistic design like its previous models that were quite popular among the customers.

It’s a very lightweight, and compact desktop 3d printer that comes in several colors such as black, blue and orange variants. Quite like the original micro, it comes out of the box and is ready to print right away. The model requires very very minimal tinkering during the initial setup. The Micro has automatic bed leveling technology that uses usual hardware calibration process.

6. XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro

Da Vinci is a fully enclosed 3d printer with a very large build volume along with a wireless option. It only gets beaten by creality cr10 since the later produces fine quality print and holds more value in the long run.

The da Vinci is designed keeping both hobbyists and beginners in focus. It’s a well build 3d printer which comes pre-assembled. But, like the majority of 3d printers that come pre-assembled, you can’t expect a 100% plug and play machine because it has to go through some sort of initial setup. It only requires 30 minutes to hour of calibration and software setup to get started. Depending on your technical knowledge, time can be significantly less as well.

7. Qidi Tech X-one2

This one is one of the most solid and sturdy budget 3d printers in the market and boasts a rigid frame that gives a lot of 3d printer with all-plastic enclosure a run for their money. When you compare this model to xyz printing 3d printer listed in the post, the x-one2 is superb.

Like a lot of enclosed 3d printers, this comes fully assembled which makes it a perfect 3d printer for beginners. The tech xone2 model has acrylic windows on both sides that makes monitoring easy so you can check printing process. It also has a removable acrylic door in front. The spool holder is not inside the frame but is installed at the back of the machine.

8. XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 2.0 Mix

Da Vinci is the model when you want to experiment with 2 3d printing. It has dual extruders. The only bad news is that good 3d printer that has dual extruders aren’t cheap. When people search for 3d printer under budget, they leave dual extruder out of the table as a feature. The good news? Here is one.

It comes with a dual-feeding single extruder, that means it can process two different filaments at the same time. You can also use it in multicolor model or mixer mode.

9. Instone Inventor Pro

If you’re looking for a sort of cheap 3d printer which is somewhere near $400, this is the model for you. The model is the big brother of Instone easier mini 3d printer, in both quality and size.

Quite like xyzprinting da Vinci model 1.0 pro, this printer also comes assembled upon arrival. The initial setup and calibration are quite easy as well. The company could have made the instruction manual better, but you can always watch setup video on youtube.

10. Robo 3D R1 Plus

When it is kept at a distance, you won’t realize that its a 3d printer. More than a printer, it looks like a sewing machine. But, don’t judge a 3d printer by its appearance ( I just made that up ). It’s a very competent machine which can easily make other expensive 3d printers a run.

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