The 10 Best Walkie Talkies to Buy in 2019

Regardless of if you’re supervising a construction project, or on a hike or camping trip which covers a large land, there’s going to be a walkie-talkie that could fit your needs.

You also don’t need to spend a ton of them either.

In this article, I’ve curated the best walkie-talkies to purchase. I’ve made the list by considering important things like price, battery life, range, and more.

Motorola MH230R Long Range Radio

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on researching, this is the product you should grab instantly. It’s an all-rounder walkie-talkie with the excellent feature at an amazing price. Motorola is quite known for its high-end two-way radio technology, the MH230R shows exactly why. It has 22 channels, out of which 11 are weather channels that are capable of delivering up to date NOAA alerts.

The company boasts its 23-mile long radius which is perfect if you’re trying to extend coverage. Every channel comes with a 121 privacy code in order to further enhance security. The Walkie talkie is shock-resistant, durable, and waterproof, this walkie talkie is built to last for offer supreme radio technology. At this price, it’s an excellent choice.

Uniden GMR5098 Long Range Radio

You can experience excellent radio communication range with this two-way radio set. It is capable of operating up to a maximum of 50 miles distance and features 22 channels that have 142 privacy codes per channel. You can also choose from 10 call tones to personalize radio call receiving, which lets you instantly who’s trying to get in touch.

It is perfect for boating, hiking, and camping as you get regular NOAA weather alerts. They’re waterproof and will even float if you drop them in water. The set offers dependability, extreme performance, and ruggedness at a very affordable price range. If you’re going to open water radio, this should be your choice.

Retevis RT-5R Long Range Radio

The RT-5R from Retevis offers versatility in multiple ways. It has a switch to toggle between one watt and five watts of power, which lets you either save power or increase the range. I find this feature to be extremely useful as it can significantly increase battery. It has a properly guided setup tour where you get voice prompts to set up your device which makes the radio very easy to use. It also has amazing features like emergency bacon which you can use as a flashlight, an alarm system, or a locking keypad.

It comes with a handy charging base, speaker microphone, and an earpiece. It’s a complete overall package which is extremely simple to use with the most versatile features. I adore the simple usability and easy setup which makes this radio an excellent beginner walkie-talkie radio.

Olympia R300 Long Range Radio

The Olympia R300 offers a very impressive set of features and at a very reasonable pricing. It covers up to 40 miles up to which it can offer crisp and clear sound. The walkie-talkie has 50 channels each of which has 121 privacy codes. The phone is also water, splash, and dustproof making them perfect choice for travel and using outdoor.

These walkie talkies also have LED flashlight in case you land up in an emergency, you’ll also be aware of all weather changes thanks to the built-in NOAA alerts. To conclude, the Olympia 300 has got excellent range, sound quality and a bunch of emergency features to make it fit for out outdoor usage.

Motorola MS350R Long Range Radio

This walkie talkie was manufactured with rugged conditions put in mind. It’s totally durable, waterproof and made to handle whatever nature has to throw at it. The long range walkie talkie covers up to 35 miles and operates by using 22 channels.

It’s also dual-band, which means you can broadcast on both GMRS and FRS bands that provides an increased combination of channels. It’s easy to hold and use because of its ergonomic design. If you need a walkie for long-range discussions, this is the one you should go with.

Midland GXT1000VP4 Long Range Radio

The two best two-way radios come from Midland, and GXT1000VP4 is not an exception. It has a hands free operation mode which offers voice activation without even having an external microphone, the radio operates well under the range of 36 miles and uses 22 channels. You also get NOAA weather alerts to ensure you’re safe. Also, you can broadcast an SOS locator signal in case you’re in the face of an emergency.

The walkie-talkie is fully waterproof making it perfect for all sorts of weather conditions, rivers, lakes, oceans, you name it. The quality of the sound is extremely good. You can even whisper and it will be heard clearly on the other end. The GXT1000VP4 is very versatile and is a two-way radio set which delivers excellent signal quality, great performance, helpful functions for an emergency, and for great range.

Motorola Talkabout Long Range Radio

The two-way radios from Motorola is an excellent way to get in touch over a long distance. It offers a dual power source. You can power them either them via AA batteries, or rechargeable batteries. These can last up to 26 continuous hours of usage. The walkie-talkie has a 35-mile range, which has 22 channels. The radio gets NOAA weather alerts. It also has a dual-band FRS/GMRS frequencies in one single package. This feature is very useful in emergency transmission capability. If you want an excellent radio set at an affordable price, this should be one of your go-to options.

Midland LXT500VP3 Long Range Radio

Another great walkie-talkie in the market that has excellent simplicity and very easy to use. This radio has 22 channels and can cover up to 24 miles of range. Like some walkie-talkies, it also has a high/low power setting that can help you conserve energy or enhance transmissions. You also get other features like security keypad lock, along with a battery life extender.

This model is waterproof, which means it can work in weather and climate. You also get a call alert feature that notifies you when someone is trying to contact you. You also get a channel scan function that helps you in locating the right frequency to hook on to. It has everything you’d need – elegance, simplicity and power.

Olympia R100 Long Range Radio

The Olympia R100 is capable of communicating up to 37 miles without any issues. You get to choose from a range of 50 channels, which of course includes NOAA weather alerts. The model has extreme ruggedness and is very durable for the price that it comes at. It is dust, splash and waterproof which makes sure that it works all the time, every time.

It has a superb ergonomic design due to which it fits perfectly in your palm. Overall, it’s the best combination of durability, power, and budget.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 5:36 pm

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