Best Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers / Digipreneurs

A very famous, or rather cliche quote that gets passed on a lot is “Time is Money“.

One way or another not only I’ve realized that it’s true, but also realized the consequences of not managing it properly.

When it comes to freelancing, time indeed is money. Doesn’t matter if you’re living off a full time freelancing life, or working as a freelancer as a side hustle, being in discipline is an essential thing that you need to learn in order to make more money.

In this article, I’ve curated the list of best time tracking apps for freelancers.

Top Tracker

Top tracker comes from Toptal, the online talent marketplace. Since it comes from the home of an online marketplace, sounds logical that it was made by keeping gig workers in the head. This made it the most effective time tracking apps for freelancers. The app wins at so many different levels.

An important aspect is a lot of apps try to upsell you at end of trial periods. They ask you to upgrade you to get more features. Not with the Top tracker, you get access to all its features right after installation.

You can use this from any device of your choice. Apart from tracking your time, screen & web options, users get greater control by having the ability to control how things are tracked. It also helps you to see projects, clients and other tasks, all on a single page. Getting everything on a single page makes things very easy to maintain. Since freelancing is hard, at least time tracking apps shouldn’t be!

Time Camp

Another good software. Timecamp stands alone as free time tracking software that remains free even after the trial period ( if you sign up for the solo version ). The free version also has a bunch of good features.

Timesheets for team member & individual collaboration

Visual reports that illustrate how you’re spending time

Keeping logs of tasks & projects in order to manually track progress via the software timer

A desktop app for tracking websites, applications, and other applications.

You can always get access to advanced features like billable time, invoicing, budgeting and more, this can cost you up to $5-$7 depending on the plan selection, but if you need to keep it free, this app is a good choice to get started.


For freelancers who need to track their time, and make an invoice, get paid, everything in one place, this is the best freelance time tracker for you. The software integrates with payment options like,, PayPal, in order to offer a flawless experience of managing your hours and getting paid for work.

If you know a bit of HTML/CSS, you can play around and customize the invoice to match with your website, or make it more “you”. The free version of this app is limited to 2 clients, and the paid option tracks up to 30 clients and comes in at $15 per month. Regardless of this, if you need an app that makes payment and productivity short, this can be a good time tracking app for your lifestyle.


This comes from Quickbooks and is built to take your freelance career to a whole new level by free online and phone support. You can use it on any device that you prefer, and it integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks, sage, Paychex, SDP, and some more productivity increasing products. There is no charge for the single user plan, which has features like reporting, scheduling, invoicing, payroll and clock kiosk. You shouldn’t ignore that the free plan also has access to customer support.


Toggl jumps in at a monthly cost of $9 and is intended for people who like organizational grouping, you’d love the tag feature in the app which helps you mark your entries as you type. Now, keep in mind that Toggl targets teams, this means if you are a solo freelancer, this might not be your cup of tea.

Although, if you are looking for a visual representation of how good you are handling timeline and budgets, this app works like charm for it.

Rescue Time

If you don’t directly report to a boss, or if you charge per project, this app can definitely help you in tracking your time, without outsourcing the reporting part. In as low as $9 a month, you get access to reporting, time tracking and much.

If you want to keep yourself on the track, the app works great and is very low maintenance way of saving time.

Conclusion :

When it comes to time management or being productive, people rely heavily on apps or outside factors. But the truth is, a lot of it comes from inside.

The attitude of “get shit done” is much more powerful than any application or assistant.

Once you have that in check, these apps can certainly hike up your productivity and help you get more work done, handle projects efficiently and make more money out of your time.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 5:26 pm

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