Best Security Cameras for Your Office in 2019

For some businesses, like a shoe, food, or some other retail outlets, there’s a huge number of walk-ins every day. The number makes it impossible to track every individual and ensure that it is being done for everyone and at all times. In such situations, surveillance cameras prove to be a great assistance.

There are numerous options for surveillance cameras. With different options, you get to do different things. You can either alert your customers by using cameras that make it very clear that people are being watched, or even use discreet cameras that no one suspects. Whatever your need is, there are tons of options for both of these cameras in the market.

I’ve gone through a lot of cameras in order to curate this list that’ll help you find the best surveillance cameras for your small business.

Best Cloud Storage Offer: NETGEAR Arlo Q

NETGEAR is a quite known brand when it comes to cameras. One of their products, the Arlo Q is known for the free cloud storage that can hold footage. It is capable of storing a week’s full footage. If this wasn’t enough, it is Amazon Alexa ( and other voice command gadget) compatible. You can also watch the live stream of the camera over your smartphone or tablet.

This particular model is a 1080p resolution camera that comes with true night vision. You can even check out what’s happening regardless if it is pitch dark in the room. It has a 130-degree viewing field. On top of this, it’s discreet. You can either mount it with hardware or via magnets. You also get to use two-way audio with this device.

Best Camera Package: ZOSI Security Recorder

ZOSI made this whole camera package at a very affordable price. It comes with DVR recorder for indoor usage. It also has a set of 4 weatherproof outdoor cameras. You also get a recorder that supports recording on over 8 channels and will record footage only if you specify/configure it to do so.

These are motion-triggered cameras which means that you won’t be recording all the time with just nothing interesting.

The device and everything it comes with is USB compatible to ensure easy backup, but, you’d require an internal hard drive to secure footage. But, given the price of the system, it is well worth it.

Best Outdoor Camera: Amcrest 960H

Another package that offers four outdoor and is perfectly weatherproof. Since they’re suited for outdoor usage, they can also be used inside. They have 4 channel, and the high definition cameras are definitely something impressive that you’d love to have. These are motion triggered as well, but you can schedule your recordings as well.

The cameras come with IR-LED night vision, which means that you can record up to 65 feet away. They can record continuously for a maximum of 6 days without overlapping footage. You can also link your own Android or iPhone device, but it’s not compatible with Macs. It comes with a 500gb hard drive which you can replace or expand up to 3tb, or opt for cloud storage.

Best Indoor Camera: vintage VT-361

This one is particularly tailored to be an indoor camera and gets a mention for its stand-alone capabilities. You don’t need a high tech extensive and complicated system in order to watch over your workplace with this system. It is more beneficial for smaller stores that get a lot of people all the time.

The camera is capable of covering the 78-degree field of view. It also has wifi, which can help you link it to your smartphone. It has a built-in sensor that alerts you if anything goes wrong when you aren’t there. The micro SD card inside can hold up to 32 GB of footage and you’d have to buy it separately.

The camera offers a two-way voice capability, that can be a very excellent thing for the times when the alarm is triggered. Users can pan and tilt their camera remotely if they need to. On top of everything, you get an HD video quality playback.

Most Flexible Camera: Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System

Instead of four cameras, you’d require only one if you opt-in for the Zmodo. They’re weatherproof and don’t need wires. Thereby, they can be fitted everywhere.

You can also sign up without committing to an ongoing subscription. It also offers has special intelligence which reduces the number of false alerts. Your viewing is in excess of 80 degrees, and these cameras are able to view up to 65 feet at the night. Night vision toggles automatically when its dark. You can monitor the footage over ios, and Android device or on any internet browser.

Most Discreet Camera: Spy Tec Zetta Z12 Motion Activated Intelligent Camcorder

This company is known for making a range of recording devices. most of which are nanny cams. SO, they’re not new to circumspect cameras. If you don’t want your customers to know that they’re being watched, this is what will get you covered all the time. It is as small as a debit card, and you can even tuck it in your hands. However, the tiny size didn’t come after satisfying features. You can put the whole camera in some sort of cover, and it will record properly as long as it’s pinhole lens isn’t blocked.

The camera doesn’t have a very strong night vision but can do the recording in low light. It has voice and vibration along with the usual motion triggers. You can either power it via an outlet, or use a battery.

Best Long Distance Camera: Reolink RLC 410 Security Camera

Reolink is another popular brand when it comes to surveillance devices. Although this camera of their scan record, and monitor over 100 feet away thanks to 36 infrared LEDs. The viewing angle is sufficiently 80 degrees. You can also schedule when the camera gets into motion detection mode so that it doesn’t alarm during business hours. It also sends you an alert when the detector is activated.

You can position it both indoor or outdoors. Users can also configure whether the camera runs all the time, or when triggered by some motion. It only needs one ethernet cable (no power or adaptor). If you aren’t in the workspace, you can email the camera about what you need. It is compatible with almost every platform.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 5:37 pm

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