10 Best Office Gifts for Co-workers : Updated List

Chances are that you’ve got a bunch of people in your office that you are really close and more than enough to give them something for gift giving. Now, it can be due to many reasons, maybe you’ve worked together for many years, maybe they helped you make a significant progress in your life, or maybe they don’t feel comfortable in the office and you want to make them feel special, noticed and warm.

Giving best office gift is one the kindest things that you can do to show your act of care for someone. A good employee always finds ways to make the work environment more cheerful and enjoyable.

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And now, our pick for the top 10 best office gifts that you can get your coworker.

Best Office Gifts – 2018 Updated

best office gifts ideas

Countdown to Retirement Clock

This is a fun little clock that shows how much time is left in their retirement. It is kind of memo/reminder that two of you have to spend more time to hang out together. It’s also a very thoughtful and emotional gift if their retirement is around the clock and they are getting very excited about it. In anyways, it would be a fun little gift that sits at their desk and helps them calm down while counting days to retirement.

Walkie Talkies

If the cell phone reception doesn’t work, or you hate calling them every now and then, it’s time to go old school and grab some walkie-talkies. This piece of equipment can help you touch even within a pretty large area. It will also add a bit of nostalgia reminding you of the time that you spent playing walkie talking with your best friend. Charlie to the tower, over and out.

Best Coffee Cup Holder

If you’ve got a coworker that is very frequently spilling their coffee/tea or any other beverage on their desk, this is a very thoughtful gift that will reduce/stop the number of spills. It will keep them happy, not irritated, and more productive throughout the whole day.

Desktop Dogs

Now, there is no second argument that dogs are cute no matter what. Same goes for these dogs, they’re as cute as they can be while each of them having their own purpose. One of them has a magnetic nose to keep a paper clip handy for easy access. The other one holds a pack of sticky notes ( the morning paper that he fetched in the morning ). If your college loves the dog, he’ll absolutely adore these.

Personalized Bobblehead

Another way to show how much you care about them. If you look around, you’ll find almost all famous athletes have their own bobblehead, and a lot of famous people have got their bobblehead too. But it seems like these bobbleheads don’t find their way into the office. But, You can obviously fix that problem with these customized bobbleheads.

Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder

I frequently use post-it all around my office to jot down little reminders, but this has only one problem, that I run out of space pretty soon. Now, with this roller, I can go for as long as possible and there will always be more writing space to write on. All you need to do is grab a few rolls of calculator paper, and you’re set. Plus, you can also mount it on a wall.

Vector Cup Holder

Now, I am sure that it has happened to all of us at some point, that intentionally we spilled a cup of beverage all over the place. Now, depending on which field you are in, this can sometimes be a very serious issue. In some cases, it can also destroy a laptop/computer. The high-end-clip eliminates all such possible threats.

It is suitable for cans, mugs, and cups of varying sizes, you can also use it with travel vessels. It can also be folded for easy storage, although you won’t need to fold it since it sits peacefully at its place. You have to clip it to the side of the table, much like a guitar capo. There are many cheap ones available as well, but you have to go with a trusted one since you are trusting it with your coffee.

SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Relief Lumbar Support Pillow

I know, working in an office isn’t difficult as working on a construction site, or some other very intense physical work, but you can’t disagree that long work hours in front of a computer destroyed your back. If your coworker has ache at the end of the day, this can be a very helping and caring gesture. It provides a little extra lumbar support. The cushion is capable of alleviating the lower back pain and even makes the user feel more relaxed.

Foot Hammock

This comes among my list of things I ought to have for my personal desk, and I don’t think why it shouldn’t be your favorite too. It works great for providing relief to your legs to rest on. It makes your leg comfy and relaxed all day.

Erasable rewriter

I kickstart every day with a proper plan for the day, a plan for what I’ll do, how I’ll do and how much am I supposed to do. Now, in the start, this was being done on paper. I used to write it down on the notebook, and then on the next day, I’d write on next page. Then, I turned to rewritable notemaker. You can delete with one simple button. It comes with a stylus with which you can write easily.

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