Best Office Chairs 2019 : Comfort, Price & More

As technology progresses, we go more towards “treating ourselves” and spending more on our health and comfort. Since we all spend at least half of our day in the office ( if not more ), it’s essential to ensure the office has the proper equipment for their employees. If there isn’t, sooner or later, employees are going to grow serious health complications. The decorum and the quality of office chair plays a key role. These days, almost all equipment is chosen with utmost cair. In this article, I’ve curated the list of best office chairs to purchase in 2019 :

1) Herman Miller Embody Chair

Not only in our list, but the Herman Miller also ranks on top of every best office chair list and for good reasons. The chair was designed by Bill Stumpf, who’s a well-known name among office goers. The chair is tailored to help you stay focused and relaxed by encouraging blood and oxygen flow.

The chair has got a unique design that looks like a human spine and is attached at back, sort of like exoskeleton. It moves with the posture of the body which ensures that body posture is accurate.

On this chair, your spine is always aligned, which ensures that your lower back doesn’t get pressured which minimizes pain in lower back. The chair’s covering replicates human ski that further encourages circulation of oxygen and air and keeps you cool regardless of how long you’re on it.

It also has excellent ergonomic functions like reducing the loss of fluid, minimizing spine compression and much more.


  • 12 Year warranty
  • 95% recyclable, made with renewable energy
  • Reduced Pressure
  • Stimulates Oxygen and Blood flow throughout the body

2) Steelcase Gesture Chair

This chair has got its name from the numerous awards that it has got from renowned medical institutions. The awards and a number of medical people supporting it is the reason it made in the list of best office chairs.

Steelcase Gesture chair is designed uniquely to adapt to the unique positions of your body. Chair fits easily to all shapes and sizes. The Steelcase Gesture chair makes use of a unique live back technology which copies the movement of your spines and neck to adjust to the posture of your body. You can also adjust the height of your chair according to the table that you’re working on.

But unlike other office chairs in this list, this chair provides a bit more freedom to body posture and movements. You can align or move your body in whatever posture or way you like.

3) Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Another chair designed by Bill Stumpf which is known for being the first ergonomic chair which comes with woven back and seat in place of normal soft foam cushions. Aeron’s design implies the basic principles on which your body is based upon. It helps you reduce your lower back pain in a natural way.

There are a head cushion and high back which means you can rest your head in order to maintain your body posture at a proper angle. The chair has also been constructed with high tech mesh fabric which makes sure it doesn’t look like normal office chairs.


  • 12 Years Warranty
  • Affordable Price
  • Flexible Sizing
  • Head Cushion & High Back
  • Natural Lower back pain reduction

4) Haworth Zody Chair

Another famous chair which is certified, as well as recommended by American Physiotherapy Center.

As you can guess from the design of this chair, the chair focuses more on functions than forms. The whole design is unique and has an asymmetrical support system. The chair works by helping you reduce your lower back pressure which cures neck and lower back pain.

The chair has a pelvic pad which is attached and encourages perfect alignment of spinal cords meanwhile preventing diseases like slip disc and similar.

If you need a reclining position, you can purchase a separate headrest which comes with the chair. There are also some other standard adjustments of this chair, especially along its height and width.


  • Pelvic pad encourages proper alignment of spine
  • Easy to adjust and fit into the room
  • 3 Point title mechanism
  • Adjustable height and Width

5) Steelcase Leap fabric Chair

Ranking 5th of this list, this product achieved this by offering quality at a very affordable price. The chair uses the well known live back technology. The five technology feature makes sure that chair is comfortable in all positions that your body can possibly acquire. Thanks to the live back technology, it reduces the pressure on all the vulnerable points of your body, like your neck, head, and spinal cord.

The chair also comes with unique gliding technology which can easily adjust to straight, relaxing and reclining positions. Another USP of this product is flexibility. Users can also optimize every single part of their chair to tailor it for their benefit. Now, it’s obvious that you can adjust the width and height of the chair as per your convenience.


  • Liveback technology
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Made from Recycled Material
  • No Emitting products used in manufacturing
  • Flexibility and Adjustable

6) Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Another chair from Herman Miller, this is quite affordable. Made from recycled materials, Sayl is available in multiple colors.

The chair has been armed with great engineering skills but has two different innovations like arc span and y-tower. The chair also has a pseudo backbone which replicates the human backbone.

One of the key functions of this chair is that it stretches fabric along with great support at the same time. The chair is also designed to encourage proper shape and pasture management. The chair design is inspired by the golden bridge of London and helps you to accommodate all body types at the same time.


  • Affordable
  • Elegant
  • 12 Years Warranty
  • Extremely good design
  • Unframed Back

7) Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Best known for its mattresses, it’s a very good ergonomic office chair and attracts my attention for good reason. The design which has ergo-layered pillows offer a lot of comfort & support.

The chair is constructed in a sturdy way and is constructed with environment-friendly leather which are armed with BIM active lumbar pivot for proper lumbar support. This comes really handy when you move your body. The padding is also very comfortable. There is a push-up button with which you can adjust the height easily. The chair also has tilt technology which corrects postures.

The chair makes you tilt your pelvis if you tilt forward. It also keeps your back in natural position which prevents the building of pressure in key areas of your body. The pressure reduction further helps you to transfer fluids from discs and proper movement of spins.


  • Soft pillows
  • Tilt technology
  • Adjustable
  • Environment-friendly leather

Best Office Chairs under $500

8) Leaders Executive Office Chair

Coming from the house of Duorest Leaders, this is one of the best executive chairs you’ll encounter today. The chair has got a unique design and is tailored to support lower back and neck. The chair is extremely adjustable and comes with dual backrest which means it can fit any body size. Combining these features with the awesome ergonomic headrest and adjustable seats, it becomes an excellent product. Users can also adjust tilt lock, tilt tension, width and height. The chair has got massive six leg base for stability.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time sitting down, you’ll need a chair that has excellent lower back support. The chair was designed for just that. It gives firm support from your lower back, all the way to neck. The chair even forces you to sit in the right posture and is the best product in this range.

Best Office Chairs under $300

9) Viva Office Mesh High Back Chair

This chair is the perfect blend of price, along with features. It has got an excellent ergonomic mesh for the back which makes sure you avoid excess heat or moisture build up. It also has adjustable armrest and height adjustments. The chair has a fully adjustable headrest which helps you rest your head while working.

It’s an excellent chair under this price range for people who are more than six feet tall.

Best Office Chairs under $200

10. The Walker Adjustable Office Chair

Coming from the green group, this chair is very hard to beat under this price range. It features a 360-degree swivel motion along with a stable five wheelbase and it can also recline with the flip of a lever.

It was designed to support the neck in order to avoid neck strains. It has an adjustable headrest and a unique curved design which supports head by encouraging proper alignment if you’re leaning back. Everything is adjustable: armrests, lumbar support, height, and padded headrest.

Best Office Chairs under $100

11) AmazonBaics Mid-Back Office Chair16. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

If you’re shopping for an office chair, you shouldn’t compromise on features because of the price. Straight from Amazon, this is fully adjustable and is combined with an upholstered in the padded seat and black bonded leather. It comes with dual wheel casters which ensure easy movement. By far, it’s the best office chair you can get for under $100 from Amazon itself.

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