Best Laptops for Office Work : Portable, Feature Rich & More

There is one thing common in both work and college laptops: they have to be portable. Let it be professional that has to travel back and forth from office to home, or a student sitting in class attending and noting down lectures and notes from the teacher. They both want their laptops to be as light as possible, but at the same time, without compromising on the performance part for everyday tasks.

While maintaining these two areas, one also has to worry about the cost of the laptop, especially college laptops. Business laptop users usually don’t bother about the price segment. By keeping all these things in mind, I decided to curate the perfect list of best laptops for office use.

These laptops are well suited for office work ( and student work as well ). You’ll be able to do effortlessly do stuff like browsing, multimedia, gaming and more.

1. Apple MacBook Air

The laptop is perfect for anyone who wants good performance as well as portability. See, it’s not built for heavy tasks, but when it comes to simple office work or tasks, it glides like butter. You can do all sorts of things like working on documents, presentation, surfing, you can even do some video editing or audio production work.

The battery life on the Apple MacBook air is simply great since it lasts up to 9 hours. If you’re a regular office employee, unless you do high-end video editing, this laptop will work fine. If you want the same features but more power, you can go for MacBook Pro. The MacBooks are quite expensive, they long pretty long and consistent as well.

The MacBook Air is powered by i5 Intel processor with 128gb of SSD storage.

2. Dell XPS 13

This is one of the laptops from Dell, that the company itself classifies as a business laptop. It’s geared more towards a sort of “home office environment”. The extremely powerful Intel Kaby Lake processor and the amazing bazel-less ‘Infinity Edge” display works great.

You can upgrade your laptop up to 16gb, and it has 1TB SDD drive. The USP of this device is the exceptional battery life which is 22 hours if you’re using it all the time. The display is also an attraction for the buyers as the bezels on this device are very thin and colors get saturated and punchy.

3. ASUS Chromebook Flip

Since the last few years, Google’s Chromebook has gained a lot of popularity and I get it why. People sometimes underestimate the capability of Chromebook since it’s built around a browser. Although, in reality, that system has come a long way to handle almost everything offline via the offloaded apps.

Chromebook stands out to prove that you don’t have to judge a laptop by its specs all the time since ChromeOS doesn’t require as much processing power as windows. The laptop also carries a flip form factor which means you can watch movies on the device with ease. ASUS claims that the device can offer 10 hours of battery life while weighing just 1.2 kilos.

4. Lenovo Ideapad 320S

If you’re searching for a simple but powerful machine, this will fit your needs and pocket at the same time. It’s built with Intel i3 processor and has a 14-inch display which would work out fine for everyday users. The laptop performs quite well without lags and has an amazing keyboard. The battery is great for the price that it comes in. The only thing I think that lacked is the missing GPU in the laptop.

5. Acer Swift 3

The looks of this laptop were definitely inspired by Apple’s MacBook Air, but it’s a windows laptop inside. It’s powered by Intel i3 processor along with a solid 4gb of RAM. For storage, you get a 128 GB SSD. The laptop doesn’t come with windows preinstalled. It comes with Linux and you’d have to purchase a windows copy and install it. Although, I do love this laptop since it resembles MacBook so much and is the perfect windows alternative for mac. You should get the laptop if you want a MacBook like a laptop but don’t want to leave windows ecosystem.

It’s also very lightweight, both by weight and on the pocket.

6. HP Spectre Pro 13

If you want to hit two targets in one go, this is a good option. Not only it is a premium looking laptop, but it’s also a powerful business laptop. It was launched as the world’s thinnest laptop, with the Intel 6th gen i7 processor and the PCIe based SSD storage that can be increased up to 256 GB.

HP specter comes with three USB type-c ports which you can use for multi-functionality like data transfer, charging at high speeds and hooking your laptop to external displays. As of now, its one of the coolest and most advanced machines available.

Updated: June 11, 2019 — 5:09 pm

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