The Best Gaming Gear to Upgrade Your Skills

When I am writing about the best gaming gear, I can’t simply mention one keyboard, or maybe a mouse. Successful gaming is a combination of multiple things. A lot of factors come together in order to create the perfect gaming experience. Right from the comfortable chair up to the high definition monitor, everything is equally important in creating a perfect gaming experience. Thereby, in this article I’ve mentioned a lot of equipment, these include headsets, keyboard, mouse, computers, controllers and much more.

This guide could have been much longer if I added 3-4 products in each category. Thereby, to keep it short, I mentioned one product under each category. This guide can work both ways, you can either upgrade specific equipment in your existing setup, like your mouse, keyboard or build a new setup from scratch.

No matter whichever way you wish to go, I’ve curated the list of what I feel is the best gear for gaming worth upgrading.

Gaming Headset: Kingston HyperX Cloud

A gaming gear list can never be complete without a good headset. It’s one of the most important parts to be able to be dive into the game and enjoy it fully. Not only do you use it to hear the gunshots or car crashes, but you also use it for hearing your opponents coming towards you and with your team for communication.

Having a wrong headset can easily lead to miscommunication and hence losing a round. The HyperX cloud has tons and tons of reviews to back its quality and hike up its reputation. It was designed for professional gamers because you’d notice it’s used by very professional gaming organizations.

The headphone is extremely comfortable and has lightweight leather memory foam made ear cups. You’ll also get one extra pair of ear cups which further increases the overall life of the headset as you can simply switch the ear cups if they wear out. The design of the headset is over the year which means that you’ll get an awesome sound isolation from the surrounding environment. When it comes to additional specifications, you get 53mm drivers and 15-25k frequency response which offers the best headset audio performance.

Gaming Headset: Sennheiser GAME ONE

Sennheiser’s Game one headset is an open backlight weigh designed to offer both crystal clear sound and enhanced support. It features a volume control that is located near the ear cups. The combination of plush velour covered XXL earbuds, and volume control makes this fit to be added into the list of best gear for gaming for people who have litter more budget that our last pick.

If you use the headset in games like counter strike or PUBG, you’ll not only feel sound coming in, but you’ll also feel rush that comes along with it. The headphone uses Game ONE’s original transducer tech in order to offer excellent sound clarity and accuracy. The audio details every little sound. It has innovative design along with upgraded accessories, which make it one of the best gaming headset in this price range. If you’re a serious gamer, this one will certainly leave you impressed.

Gaming Mouse: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Another crucial aspect of gaming is the mouse. If you’re playing a shooting game, it’s not even crucial, it’s essential. You can’t sustain in shooting games without having a superb mouse that lets you kill enemies before they even start shooting. Logitech’s G900 is a very advanced and custom designed mouse which has over 8 programmable buttons and a very versatile feel to it.

Now, if you play to win, it’s a worthy investment to get a mouse which allows flawless scrolling and shooting. The mouse is extremely versatile. There are tons of buttons that you can program, and on top, you have the option to work either wired or wireless. It’s a very effective feature although I always play in wired mode because I have a fear that wireless mouse might disconnect in the middle of the game and I’ll get shot.

Gaming Computer: Corsair One

There is no point of buying expensive computer upgrades when you don’t have a solid computer that can handle them. Gaming computers have evolved highly over the time because the game started demanding more and more RAM, video card and processing power. To meet the demands, computer manufacturers kept hiking up the specs. Thereby, in order to play the best games, you need a solid rig which can support them in the first place.

This PC is extremely quiet, VR and 4k Ready, sturdy and overclockable. A great fit for people who’re looking for a sturdy computer that can handle even high-end games without a problem. Find the specs of this computer here.

Gaming Laptop: HP Omen

If you don’t like to game on a PC, your next good option is gaming on a laptop. There can be many reasons why people would prefer a laptop over desktops for gaming. You may be traveling, or maybe you don’t like bulky desktops and prefer sleek laptops instead. The Omen from HP gives a lot of PC’s run for their money when you talk about capabilities.

It was thing of past that we tried to run a game and couldn’t get the quality or even close to the quality I needed. But, the time has definitely changed.

When it comes to gaming laptops, you’re even allowed to customize specifications and features of the laptop which are important to you and get it at a suitable price point. You can choose a screen size that you prefer, the processor of your choice. video card, and hard drive. Hp Omen is a top rated and reviewed a laptop that would certainly fit in your gaming demands.

Gaming Monitor: Dell SE2417HG

There’s no benefit if your monitor can’t do justice to the high-end rig that you’ve installed. The monitor is a crucial part of the gaming setup as well. When you’re searching for a monitor that can give you an age, it should be built to perform at the top of its performance in terms of speed and should be compatible with almost everything you can figure out. The Dell SE2417HG does exactly that. It has a 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60hz and has an amazing 2ms response time. This enables the user to have superb clarity and incredible resolution at the same time.

Gaming Controller: Razer Wildcat

Okay, after talking so much about computer gaming, let’s talk a bit about search console gaming. Wildcat from Razer is certainly going to take your Xbox gaming or even computer gaming via USB to a whole new level. The controller is fully equipped with multifunction buttons and has the capability to remap other controls even within it.

Doesn’t matter if you’re fighting in combat or racing, there is surety that razer wildcat’s additional controls and reliability will certainly hike up your gaming experience.

Gaming Controller: Logitech Wireless F710

The second product from the house of Logitech. This controller is fit for multi-platform use. It features dual vibration feedback monitor that allows you to literally simply feel the game right in your hands. Apart from this, the F710 comes with an option for wireless connection option that cuts down the need for having wires in the first place.

The gaming industry continues to progress and it is thereby very important to keep upgrading your equipment as the time progresses. If you’re a very competitive kind of gamer, you certainly want to use a controller that is very comfortable in your hands and you can do wonders with it. There is a profiler software which is designed specifically by Logitech’s brand in order to play unsupported title that allows all the controls to become programmable.

Gaming Chair: Steelcase Gesture

An optimal gameplay isn’t possible without being comfortable. There have been days where I sat on my desk all day long and simply played counter strike or dota all day long. Not even stretching it, literally, all day long. From 10 in the morning to 10 in the night I used to be at my desk playing games.

The result?

Back pain in the night and in the early morning.

How did I deal with it?

By playing more game the next day.

But, later on, I understood the need for upgrading. When you realize how much time you spent playing these games you’ll realize the importance of having a good chair for your back. The steel case gesture is a super and high-end option that is designed with multiple advancements that make it comfortable. It has a platinum metallic frame along with leather all around and will certainly improve your posture.

It’s equipped with arms that adjust like the human arm and allow the game to obtain support no matter where they position their arms.

If you are serious about your health, long-term purchases like this should be taken into consideration.

Gaming Desk: Arozzi Arena

I’m still not sure whether to include this product here or not. In the end, I thought, well, I need something to put all this stuff right?

And the result is this being listed here.

Now, desks are actually harder to select than you assume them to be. A lot of people including me prefer L shape desks for gaming. Not only gaming, for office use as well. There are a bunch of reasons this desk caught my eye and recommendation. It has 14 square feet area at the desk which is pretty neat, and second, the entire surface is a mouse pad, which means you don’t need to use any mouse pad and you can have your mouse lying just anywhere.

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