Best Ergonomic Recliner 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

A lot of health and fitness experts highly recommend purchasing ergonomic recliners that have appropriate depth and height, proper body support, and firm cushioning. It’s recommended that these chairs follow the contour of the body. Doing that helps in reducing stress and tension from the body. To help your body relax, we’ve prepared a list that’ll help you find the best ergonomic reclined for your need.

A lot of things are responsible for causing body strain. Some popular guilty of body strain include excessive repetition, awkward posture, excessive force, and environmental forces. The posture is usually disturbed because of poor equipment. Majority of the seats used in office are standard swivel chairs. They don’t have any sort of lumbar, leg or arm support. Prevention is better than cure. Thereby, it’s wise to do what’s under your control and start using ergonomic recliners.

Why is Correct Posture Critical to My Health?

When people sit at odd angles very often or stand very often in the incorrect posture, we unknowingly condition our body to be that way naturally. As a response, the body starts developing muscles to better adapt to those positions. This goes the same along the lines when we learn a new sport or language.

But, our bodies, compensate when we sit/stand in these positions if the spinal column is not straight. Out muscles then begin to form in a strange way. This leads to muscles getting stiffed on either or both side of the spine. This is why prolonged standing or sitting can lead to neck, back, and hip pain if we don’t start paying attention to it.

A lot of times spin dislocates itself ( also known as slipped disc or herniated disc ). If this stiffness occurs in the neck area, it can block off oxygen to our brain which leads to things like fatigue, tiredness, stress, lethargy and confused state. If this isn’t enough, it can also lead to much more complicated conditions like scoliosis or fibromyalgia.

In order to prevent these from happening, its recommend to maintain a healthy posture.

Best Ergonomic Recliners 2019

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner / Ottoman

This product comes from Flash Furniture and is actually a complete recliner set. It’s an ottoman and recliner combined in one. It’s padded using extremely durable leather and reclines using a lever. On the base, there is a ball-bearing swivel. The whole set weighs in around 56 pounds and is available in two color variants rich brown and black.

The assembling is simple and takes no more than one hour. The instructions mentioned were very easy to follow and clear. The only thing is chair doesn’t have an adjustable headrest. A lot of people report that chair also makes a little noise when they recline it. But, no matter what, it’s extremely comfortable at this price.


  • Ottoman and recliner combined in one
  • Ball bearing swivel in base
  • The durable quality leather used as padding.


  • No adjustable headrest
  • Tall people might feel uncomfortable.

GMS Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair

The company boasts this chair as an eleven 11 in one chair. It’s a drink holder, rocker, recliner, front pouches, adjustable cushion, padded arm sets, heat, massage, side pouches, high back, 360-degree swivel as well as the high back.

The chair tons and tons of features and are made of leather. The chair is only available in brown and measures 38 x 34 x 42 inches. The weight is 121 pounds and is extremely easy to assemble. The things I loved in this recliner eight point massage and heat. But, you’ll find that footrest is a bit hard to maintain its original position.


  • Eleven features
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable


  • Footrest doesn’t stick to its original position

VIVA HOME Faux Leather Ergonomic Recliner Chair

This product comes from viva home and focuses on 4 main features. Those are 1. back and forth reclining mechanism 2. extended footrest 3. reclining mechanism needs to be pushed back only 4. very comfortable armrests

The recliner weighs around 70 pounds and comes only in the brown variant. Despite using faux leather, the recliner feels extremely soft and smooth to touch. You can also purchase triple or double seater.

The company delivers it into two pieces – bottom and top part. It took me 8 minutes to get in place. The chair is overall very comfortable but I had some time to get it to recline it. Once I used lubricant for the same, the problems were gone.


  • Extremely soft and smooth
  • Back and forth a mechanism
  • Easy to assemble ( 8 minutes I took )


  • It is hard to recline without lubricant

Rissanti Palermo Collection Ottawa Zerostrain Recliner

This Rissanti recliner is made using stylish and bonded leather and has a rich chrome finish base. It’s a two in one as well ( i.e combines ottoman and reclining chair). The leg recliner and back recliner are controlled using different controls which is neat.

I love the design of this chair, it’s chic, sleek and very good for small and tight spaces. The manufacturer claim that is stain and fire resistant. I am not so sure about the fire part, but about stain thing, I am very sure it is stain resistant. You can clean it easily with a tissue or a damp cloth.

The footrest won’t extend much which makes it hard for me to use since I am quite tall.


  • Stain Resistant
  • Separate controls for leg and back recliners
  • Stylish


  • Footrest doesn’t extend a lot

Oslo Collection Mac Motion Leather Recliner with Matching Ottoman

This one is a fine example of a vintage classic. The chair has got excellent walnut and espresso finish which gives it a retro vibe. The recliner is made from top grain leather upholstery and alpine deep hardwood.

Some of it’s USP include the wrap around the seat, 360-degree swivel, and adjustable reclining back and headrest. Much like other models in Oslo series, it has my-2 memory foam.

I had a bit of hardship putting together the ottoman. The seat, however, is very comfortable. It doesn’t recline in most upright position but it is great for lounging. I won’t recommend it for using in an office though.


  • Neat design
  • Mx-2 memory foam
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable headrest and reclining back.


  • Takes some time to assembled

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Sitting on this chair makes you feel like you’re in a spa. It has got a built-in massager and chic design which makes it a perfect thing to add to your living room. The armrest and back cushion is padded and covered in soft PU leather. You can grab this chair in three variants, brow, black and cream.

It also has space for two cup holders and four storage bags. It’s also got a 360-degree swivel and 150-degree swivel. The chair comes with a remote controller and power cord. It has five control modes and two different intensity levels.

It took me an hour around to assemble it and the result was a very comfortable chair. Being frank, I didn’t expect a lot in terms of function. But I was surprised. The only thing I didn’t like is the footrest taking time to adjust.


  • Pleasant massage
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • 360 and 150-degree swivel features


  • Needs space
  • Difficult to get the footrest out

Giantex Recliner Massage Sofa Chair

Much like the esright massage recliner chair, this one also has a massage feature. The chair has five different modes: pulse, press, wave, auto and normal. You can use the zone selection feature where you can choose which body you’d like the chair to massage. It can be lumbar, legs, back, or thighs. Apart from the awesome massage feature, it also has a heat function. Every function can be easily controlled via remote control.

You can easily adjust leg rest and backrest. You also get cool side pockets which are more than enough to store reading materials like magazines.

The chair is fairly simple to assemble as well. The only thing is that it’s quite narrow and small than I expected at this price range. The recliner also doesn’t heat up that much.


  • Massage function is excellent
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable leg and backrest


  • Doesn’t heat up as expected
  • Narrower and smaller than expectations

Serta Perfect Lift Chair

Now this one is a heavy duty reclining chair. Everything in the chair is perfect and built to last long, from the foam, mechanism to the leather, everything is perfect. The manufacturer also offers you a lifetime replacement warranty in case any part gets damaged.

Another solid USP of this chair is the handheld remote. You’d no longer need to strain from pushing or pulling anything to recline the chair. In a simple button push, the chair will recline on its own.

It has also got a built-in USB port so that users can charge their smartphone and tablets while resting. The foam of this chair is also gel-infused which helps certain pressure points of the body.


  • USB port
  • Button controlled
  • Gel Infused foam


  • The design is old and bulky

Langria Living Padded Recliner Sofa Chair

Last but not least, the langria living padded sofa chair. The chair is capable of reclining from 105 to 165 degrees. This chair is perfect for tall people like me. When you recline to its maximum capacity, it measures 61 inches in total and can hold 225 pounds. The foot and armrest can be detached.

I also found the faux suede to be smooth and soft. The only let down is that it’s available in beige which is going to get dirty fast.


  • Recline from 105 to 165
  • Detachable arm and footrest
  • Fax suede is smooth


  • Available in single color

Buying Guide

Now if you’re like me, you must have once sat all day on a normal chair. Once you get up, you might have felt that your body then feels very exhausted and stiff. If this happens once or twice, it can be fixed with massage. But if it keeps happening daily, it isn’t good for your health.

I have covered a bunch of best ergonomic recliners. Some of them are ideal for long-term lounging, and some work well for napping. These recliners will encourage your body to be in the best posture and stay fit.

Here are some factors that will make sure you the best ergonomic recliner.


If you’re searching for an ergonomic recliner, you must be aware that it is as good as its material feels. To ensure maximum comfort and relaxation, you want to make sure that your ergonomic recliner feels very soft when in contact with your skin. This will also encourage your body to be in a proper posture.

Another thing is, when you’re going to buy an ergonomic recliner, you want to make sure it doesn’t make you feel stiff or fatigued. Recliners are supposed to make you feel relieved from these. Tons of people get relief from muscle pain, back pressure, shoulder and neck tightener and tiresome leg issues.


Good ergonomic recliners usually offer different levels of heat intensity & massage adjustments into better match what user needs. You should purchase the ergonomic recliner that has been designed to offer maximum efficiency and safety.

When we talk about efficiency, I highly recommend users to only pick chair that allows you to be efficient. This means your body is fully relaxed and rested. If you’re rested, you’ll be able to work with energy and enthusiasm. Ergonomic recliners are famous for reducing neck and shoulder stress.


The chair should carry an architectural and constructional design that matches and compliments the interior of your house. It should have the right style, color, and fabric. If it doesn’t have right style, you might not be willing to use it that much and thus not get the full value for money.

Good Value

The chair that you’re going to purchase, is it offering value for money?

I mean, do you feel that you’re getting good ROI for your investment. If you answered in yes, and you have a specific chair in the head, go for it!

You should only spend your money on the recliner that you consider is the best ergonomic recliner for you.

Thereby, a good ergonomic recliner should be of your personal taste, budget, body type and you should feel emotionally relaxed and pleased when you’re on your recliner.

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