The Best Ergonomic Keyboards to Buy in 2018

We are all very different people with very different types of preferences which simply cannot be covered by the range of features of one product. For example, A chair that you will find comfortable might be uncomfortable to someone else. Our wrists offices, hands, writing styles, desks, chairs, and a lot of other factors needs us to try out a few models that can work for you and your pocket.

Finding just the right one for you, however, is no easy task. Mechanical keyboards once were given up as a relic in the early days of computing, are becoming a popular choice again. Ergonomic keyboards might look a bit different but they could give you a lot of relief from your wrist pain.

The Ultimate List of Best Ergonomic Keyboards

Best Wireless: Microsoft Surface

Its Ideally suited for the Microsoft ’s line of computers, and this ergonomic keyboard has been designed with keeping your comfort in mind and it is a great choice if you are looking for a natural arc. AAA batteries powered and also comes with 12-month of lifespan and Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 the Surface keyboard is compatible wirelessly for up to 32 feet away from the Surface lineup. When you are in the front of your computer, you are going to find out that it has a double-cushioned palm rest, which is totally covered with a mix of polyurethane and polyester which is better known as Alcantara, is both stain resistant and durable.

Beyond its durability, the Surface keyboard will be the very best at being able to protect your hands and wrists by its keycap geometry, which is a split space bar and it has a more natural design that can work for preventing wrist and hand strain. The build quality of the product is at a good level which can allow for you a very smooth typing experience that does not makes much noise and excellent stability easy to use on any surface.

Best Budget: Fellowes Microban

This one is Budget priced that comes with premium comfort, its split design keyboard gives you a more sort of a natural comfort and keeping your piggy bank intact. Coming as a Part of the family of products, the antimicrobial protection is meant to help you in keeping your keyboard neat and clean while still giving a hand and arm position which is more natural.

It was Created by keeping Windows machines in mind, then it comes with seven hotkeys that are solely dedicated for controlling the multimedia playback, as well as provides you with one-touch access for opening a Web browser. It also comes with a dedicated number pad that is on the side that reduces the need for using any external hardware and to find the numerical numbers that are at the very top of the keyboard. While there is undoubtedly an adjustment period for an ergonomic keyboard, its immediate benefit is reduced stress and pain combined with its awesome wrist support that will have you asking that why you did not buy an ergonomic keyboard sooner.

Best for Macs: Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue

The Apple computer owner should not look any further than Kinesis Freestyle2 blue wireless that is available with a lot of keyboard shortcuts that are apple specific, which includes copy, paste cut, and undo. It can easily Connect to your Apple machine by using Bluetooth 3.0 and a single battery charge should last up to about 300 hours or six months which depends on two hours per day of typing.

You will discover immediately that its negative slope design can reduce the extension that you need for your wrist to hit every key. coming with three different channel options, this Bluetooth-based functionality gives three devices to be able to be synced at one time and switching between the devices needs only a single press of a key. Additional buttons also include a shortcut that can hide or the dock and has advanced controls that can be used for multimedia playback and managing volume

Best for Portability: MoKo Foldable Keyboard

the MoKo keyboard’s size could alone be likely to qualify with the topmost portability on this list when you Consider how sleek and it is But when you also get to know that the ergonomic keyboard is also foldable, things even look better.

It weighs only about 6.2 ounces and comes with sporting dimensions of 6.2″ x 4″ with a thickness of only about half an inch, this tech accessory makes you feel more like Kindle than being a full-sized keyboard even when it stored in your bag. It can connect via Bluetooth although the keystrokes that are meant for turning it on seems a little quirky to us, and it is laid into two different key sections that can easily support its standard two-handed ergonomic feel.

Its 110 mAh lithium-ion battery takes around two hours to fully be charged, but that will give you about 30 days of time to stand by and about 40 hours of continuous typing time. The company also gives you about 3 million clicks of the key in a lifetime, so believe us when we tell you that this keyboard is going to be kicking for quite a while. To round off the total cool factor, this gadget is made to be pretty intuitive, you can take it out from your bag and it will automatically power on and off by only opening or closing it.

Best Splurge: Mistel Barocco

The Mistel Barocco is designed by keeping in mind people who are hardcore gamers and programmers, typing purists, While gamers are going to love the fast key registering, typists will also enjoy the design-saving and very compact space on their desk and the programmers are going to appreciate both and Coleman and Dvorak as well as QWERTY preset layouts that come along with three extra layouts that can be customized.

This ergonomic design breaks your average keyboard into two pieces that give you a split design that can feel more natural on your wrists, thus reducing pain and stress and increasing productivity. Minimizing your hand movements is a key benefit of having a split keyboard and that is what Mistel delivers. The keyboard remains both tough and durable, due to a temperature-resistant feature that is resistant to solvents and friction, also its lifespan is more or less is going to outlast the life of yours any day.

Best for Gaming: Razer Ornata Chroma Revolutionary

Gaming fans who would like to have a more comfortable keyboard usually feels added with the features and the looks of a mechanical keyboard have found the answer they have been ;looking for with the Razer Ornata Chroma Revolutionary . its all packed with Gaming-centric features like in-game effects and LED backlighting that is going to immerse you completely. For using in long-term gaming sessions, it is the best-curved wrist rest.

Its Built especially for the Razer Ornata and the curved wrist rest can make up for the lacking split keyboard, giving the long-term gaming sessions the feel of more comfortability and naturality than a traditional gaming keyboard. further Adding to tits ergonomic value is the feature of the mid-height keycap sizing that can give you more easier keystrokes, which minimizes the respective impact due to continuous finger movements on your wrists.

Best Mechanical: Matias Ergo Pro

The Matias Ergo Pro gives you a better tactical feel and it helps you in reducing the big impact that the standard keyboards can have on you due to repetitious jarring of the fingers and hands. This split keyboard design improves your body posture quickly, and elbow placement and will allow your wrists to be able to place outside your body for a more comfortable feel and it’s also Quieter than the traditional one.

Additionally, its compact design can reduce the reach to the mouse, lessening the impact on your shoulders and neck. it comes with a padded palm rest that is combined with a 4.5-degree negative tilt that gives it even more reduction in wrist strain. It’s also capable to be used as a flat and a nine-degree angle of the legs of the keyboard.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard – Best Conventional Split Keyboard

Bottom line: The best split ergonomic keyboard that gives you most of the health benefits of radical designs.

We have been a big fan of sculpted ergonomic keyboards of Microsoft’s for years, and we are very happy to able to say that the Sculpt Keyboard for Business provides us with the very best of that.

It is very comfortable to work on it and What makes it so comfortable to type on is the and inward angling keys and negative tilt, which can automatically guide your hands in the natural, “V” shape in downwards as they can easily rest on the keyboard. It is amazing that how little change it makes in your posture over time.

Also, the padded wrist pad is very large which is a pretty good addition. The pad can measure the whole width of the Sculpt keyboard and can cushion your wrists providing more comfort as you type. It works very well, probably more for the people who have wrist problems. A magnetic and removable, the riser can also be stuck to the keyboard that can help in pushing wrists up farther.


  • Very comfortable coming with an inwards angling design and reverse-tilt
  • Magnetic riser present underneath the keyboard and Comfortable wrist pad
  • Separate/detached numpad
  • Windows and Mac friendly
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency and Wireless by using USB Dongle


  • Tiny function keys
  • Requires time to be able to get used to
  • A little expensive

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard– the best Ergonomic Keyboard for those people like Programmers and Writers

What might be looking like a peripheral from another galaxy, it is a carpal tunnel keyboard that can work well for typists that type a lot or people who are showing signs of CTS and RSI quite early.

For those people who are surgically attached to their keyboards, or they are showing signs of inflammation, RSI, CTS, the Kinesis Advantage2 is the one that you should get.

This patented Contoured keyboard can use mechanical switches that can make the typing absolutely precise and effortless. both hands are separated and they get their separate area, which allows your wrists and shoulders to stay in a neutral and unbent position.

Advantage 2 makes the use of Cherry Browns mechanical switches, which is something that mechanical KB enthusiast people would like. The keys are smartly placed which means if you have mistyped anything, you can easily undo that by using your left thumb and hitting the backspace key, keeping your fingers in their original position.

The macros onboard and remapping allows power users to create shortcuts and to create customized keyboard layouts that take efficiency to another level.

If you are a blogger, developer, or a freelance writer, or you are in any profession where you need typing, it is worth the extra bucks Kinesis Advantage2 needs. its long-term health and productivity will pay for your keyboard.

Watch a video review of this bad puppy:


  • Have Separate key wells for each hand
  • Minimizes the risk of RSI and CTS, a fact that is backed by research
  • Less reaching around and has multiple keys that can be easily accessed by your thumb
  • Highly programmable
  • Works on Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Stands firmly with no unwanted movements


  • Bulkier, limited portability
  • Not wireless
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Function keys have a good feel to them

Logitech K350 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard–Wave Design, Cushy Cushion Keyboard with a 3-year Battery Life

We recommend this product specifically if you are looking for a normal priced ergonomic keyboard that can give you a good amount of decent features and that can last for many years without the need to change batteries.

Logitech is a brand that is very well known for their explicitly innovative products and the K350 ergonomic keyboard here is no exception. It comes with the Comfort Wave Design that comprises a palm rest and a wavy-curvy design. The cushioned palm-rest has been designed to rest your hands comfortably even when you’re not typing and its wave-shaped gradual contour can support various lengths of any finger and can reduce all the points of discomfort and not slowing the user down.

K350 takes a conservative approach when you Compare it to split-type ergonomic keyboards that are more radically shaped, while still giving you a lot of the advantages of having such keyboards. Coming with a Consistently-sized key and has a familiar shape which means that users do not have to learn to type again and they can get started in no time.

It comes with a Logitech Unifying Receiver that can ensure easy connectivity and can support connecting to about 6 Logitech devices that can be supported, all at once. This feature is very useful for those people who have their notebooks with a limited number of USB ports or they already own some other Logitech devices. it also comes with a small plug- dongle that you can just forget that can support most Logitech mice and keyboards provides strong wireless connectivity.

It has an Instant Media Access Keys to provide the user one-touch control on the commonly used functions like media playback and volume control. The F keys can be customized by using the software by Logitech, which can enable you to customize the keys and to open applications, folders, shortcuts, and more. However, For Apple fans, The K350 is not the best as the software do not supports all the customization options for the platform.

Logitech proudly claims that the keyboard can last for up to about three years without the need of changing batteries, which means you will forget that it uses batteries eventually.


  • Comfort wave design
  • Cushioned palm rest
  • Consistently-sized keys with a very little learning curve
  • 3-year battery life
  • Adjustable keyboard height
  • Programmable keys and Instant Media Access buttons


  • Has a Conservative split pane design which might not help users who are already developing RSI related problems
  • It has a Limited amount of customization options on Mac OS

Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard– Wider Degree of Angle Adjustment and has Softer Keys

Its a great option if you like softer keys and you want to have total control over the angle of the split panes angle.

The Goldtouch keyboard can give their users the ability to adjust from 0-30 degrees on both and vertical and horizontal planes, all thanks to its patented ball-and-lever locking design.

What makes the Goldtouch superb is Being able to make precise angle adjustments on your ergonomic keyboard for people that just can’t find the desired level of extended comfort with molded ergonomic keyboards.

The soft keys neds lower force to activate while still being able to manage to give the travel distance and better the typing experience. However, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts would not be going to like the tactile feedback and response of the keys. It also does not have a dedicated numpad so it is not ideal for accountants and excel bosses.

The keyboard works on both PC and Mac so users do not have to think about anything when he is switching between platforms. The compact design can allow you to be able to store keyboard in a limited space when it’s not in use.


  • 0-30 degree adjustability on both planes
  • Soft keys need lesser activation force
  • Full key travel distance
  • Works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows
  • Compacts design saves a lot of space
  • Makes reaching to the mice and to other peripherals easier
  • Stable in different configurations


  • Lacks dedicated numpad
  • Stepped right-shift key
  • Some keys are placed in a different manner than the standard layout like down, page-up Home, etc

iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard– the best Portable Ergonomic Keyboard for Smart Phones and Tablets

It’s a Great option for those people who are looking for a wireless keyboard that is portable and comes with near -sized keys for your portable devices

the iClever keyboard is an excellent blend of portability ergonomics, wireless connectivity for any device with Bluetooth and smartphones tablet, and your TV sets.

attaching any sort of external keyboard becomes a huge ergonomic win when compared to using with the default touchscreen interface for a longer period when it comes to mobile devices such as your iPad or iPhone.

iClever is very portable, all thanks to its foldable design that allows you to carry it around easily while you get to protect the keys that are inside from impact and debris. When its unfolded, the keyboard can expand to a hefty amount around 10.3 inches by 3.5 inches. The slight “V” shaped layout can force your hand to angle in the inwards direction for having a comfortable wrist position.

We also love the standard-sized keys that come with a feature which is sloped u shape design for tactile feedback and a great grip.

its integrated Broadcom Bluetooth chip gives you, improved response time lower power consumption and fast connectivity which is widely present on the most portable devices nowadays, making the iClever keyboard an awesome companion for all of your mobile devices big and small.


  • Highly portable, foldable design
  • U-shaped keys and V shape layout and create comfortable typing experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Near Standard-sized keys
  • Has a Decent battery life and rechargeable batteries
  • Windows iOS, and Android compatibility
  • It is housed with soft PU case and Scratch resistant


  • Has No built-in phone/tablet stand
  • Is Mainly focused on compatibility and portability than ergonomics

Qisan Magicforce 68 Gaming Keyboard

You should not be fooled by this branding, this keyboard is totally worth a shot for people who wants to get a mechanical keyboard at a cheap price. It is a nice and compact and about 60% smaller than the size of a normal keyboard, but it still comes with an arrow cluster that other boards usually lack.

Magic force boards are all available with a variety of choices of various key switches for your pleasure for giving a more clicky or quiet performance Some configurations can also run with as little as $40, and the higher-quality switches can push things( $70 or more) If you are looking for mechanical keyboard that is cheap and would not burn a hole in your pocket look no further.

Matias Tactile Pro and Quiet Pro

Matias has been serving Mac users for quite a long time who are looking for a mechanical keyboard which is similar to the old Apple Extended keyboard, Tactile Pro ($140) is a popular choice. It will provide you all the Mac keys you will need and if you don’t want to switch to a board with a standard layout, in which all of the keys can still work, some might be mislabeled.

The Matias Tactile Pro is totally not one of the mechanical keyboards that are quieter, but, you might want to look at the company’s seemingly similar but also slightly more quiet model if you have an aversion to noisy keyboards or a deskmate. the Tactile Pro for Windows users comes in black

Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4 Professional is the best version of the keyboard to date and the one that will make PC Gamer say that it’s a superb keyboard already. While it has things quite sleek and very basic when you talk in terms of design, you also get a cool volume knob which is big in size, as well as a USB 3.0 hub built in. You can also choose between quiet or clicky key switches for a somewhat pricey $170 price, and it also has no backlighting inbuilt for easy typing in the dark.


the Qwerkywriter has been priced down to $280 from $ 350, It sure does not come cheap will please anyone who is looking for a keyboard with some old-school inspiration truly without a doubt.

While its design can really lay the great gimmick on being thick, PC Magazine was greatly impressed when they saw its metal construction and high-end key switches which is a rarity when compared to other Bluetooth keyboards, although you need to note that the angle of the stand might be too steep for some people. It is not strictly only a tablet keyboard, and just a home paired with a laptop computer or a desktop.

IBM “Buckling Spring” Keyboard

There is no better option than a vintage IBM “buckling spring” keyboard If your fingers have a thing to be able to go back to the old days. This, these classics from the 1980s have not been made from decades that are original in clicking, but they are going to make a brief comeback all thanks to some IBM enthusiasts.

Its pretty pricey $300+, and they would not ship for months at least so this offer stands for only true nostalgia nerds.

The Best Guide to Ergonomic Keyboards

This is a bit of the information about how to buy the best ergonomic keyboards for those people who Wants to a better outlook about ergonomics keyboards, and those who are a bit short on time can skip to the list.

  • Introduction –  What is that makes a keyboard ergonomic?
  • The Adjustable –  Keyboards that you can change according to you
  • Familiar Curves – You will recognize probably that these iconic designs from the place the keyboards are sold.
  • The Convex, Concave, and Expensive – The cash-strapped and casual may skip this part.
  • The Just-Plain-Weird- If you are looking for something different

Factors that make an ergonomic keyboard the best?

To be very blunt the basic reason of making ergonomic keyboards is to keep the customer’s hands in a very natural posture while typing.

What exactly do you mean by natural?

The answer can depend on which engineers do you ask. While there is a little bit of dispute over the position that can be considered as the most “natural, people generally can agree on some wrist positions that can be harmful”.

Deviation This means bending the wrists laterally, like when you are washing a window or when you are waving goodbye without actually moving your arm. If you can watch yourself while you are typing on a normal keyboard, you are going to notice that your elbows have become angled in and your wrists are being angled out to the line up with the keys. This is a topmost dangerous posture that ergonomic keyboards were made to correct try, usually by splitting, curving, or separating the key rows. These angled strategies are called as splay.

Pronation by Putting your hand palm facing down words on a flat surface you have experienced pronation or twisting of the wrist inwards. This problem is usually made right by raising up the keyboard from the middle, a configuration that is called tenting because describes its shape. Some designs can take this to an extreme by splitting up the keyboard and keeping the two halves vertically.

Extension if you want To understand extension then you can look at an example where you signal stop with your palm and The back-end of your wrist is an example of an extension. even a little degree of wrist extension can and contribute to pain after a long period of time by deforming nerve tunnels in your wrist. This problem is one that often my palms tingle when I do not watch my computer posture. To discourage wrist extension, a lot of ergonomic designs have an option to or have an option for negative tilt level front-to-back which is the exact opposite of keyboards have been historically made.

Palm Rests they are not wrist rests but palm rests. A wrist rest is something terrible that people use in front of the mice to give extra compression for the carpal tunnel and causes problems like RSI. Whereas a palm rest is a padded area that is in the front of a keyboard where you can pause your hands for breaking between paragraphs. While Some keyboards have the palm rests built in, or some have them available as optional accessories. For those that do not, you can purchase a free set.

Small Footprint having a smaller keyboard does not do so much for the easy typing, it does leave you some more room for your mouse so that you can easily reach it. The problem is that you have to give up the numeric keypad on the right for an overlay version that is built into the main part

The keys on normal keyboards often needs a lot of force to press. They must be pressed all the way to the end which in turn causes hundreds of sudden-stop that can shock your fingers as you are typing but the Better ergonomic keyboards usually use low-force key switches that can make typing easier. The really expensive ones use mechanical key switches, which gives you the ultimate typing experience and which also lasts so much longer than their counterparts.

 The old typewriter layout, which was started during the time of our great-grandparents, has a lot of space for improvement and innovation. Some ergonomic keyboards can straighten out staggered rows, or they can put the keys into concave or they can curve the rows laterally so that it can match to your fingers or to be able to move important keys to new, and more efficient locations.

Medical reasons for using an Ergonomic Keyboard

advantages of ergonomic keyboard | best ergonomic keyboards

  • The ergonomic keyboard gives the best medical benefits when they are being used to treat and prevent the repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is a very obvious injury related to computers, and it is a standard term to define the pain that you feel in your nerves, tendons, and muscles, after a lot of repetitive movement.
  • Your body eventually will start to suffer due to the elongated usage, especially if you are using a keyboard that is uncomfortable, and it does not matter what you spend your time on.
  • RSI affects the upper body generally starts hitting on areas like wrists and hands arms and elbows and neck and shoulders. The physical symptoms develop over a long period of time, starting from mild before it starts increasing in severity.
  • You will want to be watching out for, stiffness, aches and pains, swelling, weakness, throbbing and cramp and have to speak to your doctor before your condition becomes worse.
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